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Twenty years or so from now, nine powerful conglomerates will govern every aspect of our lives. Land, art, money, energy; all of it will be divided by squabbling corporate fiefdoms. They will rule us with technological enhancement and social control both, and those who are ruled the most shall be their monsters.

You choose not to be their monster. You choose to fly black flags, to ride under a banner of a self-determined world. You choose to be a Commons Rider.

A neofeudal cyberpunk game based in the Conflict System, which I first developed for Under Heaven Underworld. Drawing heavily from Ishinomori Shotari's Kamen Rider stories, for players 4-6, it uses d6s, pens, paper, a recounting of the present from which one imagines a vision for the future.

Cover art from 仮面ライダーSPIRITS / Kamen Rider SPIRITS (2001-2009), by Muraeda Kenichi, original story by Ishinomori Shotaro; edited by me for fair use purposes.


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Can I translate this to Chinese? Credits will be given to the writer, organisation, etc

Man, this is EXACTLY perfect for the cyberpunk Rider RPG I started... last year. God dammit. Incredible work!

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COMMONS RIDER (公地骑士) by J.Y. is a game inspired by Kamen Rider, with a clever pun in the title. The world is controlled by large corporations, and you play as Riders, cyborg rebels with superhuman abilities. The rules for character creation (for both Monsters and Riders) are neat, with some great examples included. I especially love the creature motifs provided, which includes the Cordyceps (Directive: “Own and sell people”).

hey do you mind changing the name here to "J.Y."? safety measure

Done! FYI, I was using your name from the game's title page.

oh, you did nothing wrong. i still answer to that name, just privately. sorry for the late reply, i've been sick.


Take care and get well soon!